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Saskatoon Berries
Our delicious berries have high levels of antioxidants and fiber
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Sasktoon Berries are also called June Berries, Service Berries. Spring Berries, Amelanchier and Shadbush. Saskatoon Berries belong to the apple family.

Fresh Saskatoon Berries

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Fresh saskatoon berries are perfect on their own with cream, on cereals, for dessert (they make amazing pies) , or combined with other fruits. Our fresh Saskatoon berries are available in season prepicked by the pound or at our U-pick.


Frozen Saskatoon Berries

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Frozen Saskatoon berries are perfect in pies and jams. They can be thawed to enjoy on cereals, porridge or as a delicious dessert with ice cream. Our Frozen Saskatoon berries are available year round, except during harvest. They are packed in plastic bags in 7.5 pound or 15 pound boxes. For larger quantities please contact either Wendy or Doug.


Saskatoon Berry Powder

Our powdered Saskatoon berries are perfect for an ingredient in smoothies or energy bars. They are available in packages of various sizes. CLICK HERE for more infomation



 Please contact us to inquire about purchasing large quantities of powder or frozen or fresh (in season) berries.

We’d love to hear from you – all questions are welcome.    

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Why PurpleFit Saskatoon Berries

Highly Nutritious

Saskatoon berries have a mild pleasant taste and extremely high anti-oxidant levels, high anti-inflammatory properties and many micro nutrients.

No Added Ingredients

Our berries are a cultivar from the original wild
heritage Saskatoon berry. Our berries are not infused with sugar or any other preservatives

Natural Colourant

The natural rich purple has colorant properties that are ideal for naturally coloring soaps, fibers and foods.

Why Choose Us

Up to Date Research

We work closely with top researchers and make changes as necessary to bring our customers the very best quality berries possible.

Experienced Growers

Most of our Directors are from multi-generational farm families and are actively involved in successful farms. All of our producers strive to have healthy, highly productive orchards

Highly Educated

Most of our Directors have Post Secondary and or Master Degrees. As well as a life time of practical knowledge.