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Fresh Saskatoon berries can be eaten right off the bush. They will be ready for picking, depending on the season, from the end of June to mid July. Check out our Facebook page (Manitoba Saskatoons or PurpleFit Saskatoon Berries) for dates and times that our pre-picked berries are available or when you can U-pick at our orchard.
Fresh Saskatoon berries make a lovely summer treat, sprinkled on salads, served with milk, cream or ice-cream. Many bakers cook them in pies, cookies, buns or breads.

The Rutherford orchard, close to Grosse Isle, (map on Manitoba saskatoons Facebook page) has a  limited U-pick during our harvest season.

U-Pick Berry Prices

Five pound level bucket $18.
Heaped bucket $20

Prepicked Prices

5 pound bucket – $25
10 pound box – $45

To purchase fresh berries contact Wendy or Doug

Wendy (204) 467-8672  Wendy@purplefit.ca

Doug  (204) 391-9685   doug@purplefit.ca